Sofia Coppola and "Marie Antoinette" - Girls Just Want to Have Fun

From right to left: Antoinette star Dunst, Sofia Coppola, and a man who may have peaked at cinematic inception

Sofia Coppola went from famous director’s daughter, to wife of that Being John Malkovich guy, to an emerging young talent in her own right, making her way by earning Bill Murray (with help from Wes Anderson, to a lesser degree) the critical acclaim he’s long overdue, as well as putting two young blondes in the spotlight. While Lost in Translation was almost universally praised by critics (in fact the DVD boasts that it’s received over 80 four star reviews), her third film, Marie Antoinette, has not garnered the same warm welcome in reviews of it’s premiere at the Cannes film festival. The film, starring Kirsten Dunst and Jason Schwartzman, received a smattering of boos by the press after the screening, who may have been turned off by the “Coppolification” of the tale. Apparently the French in Antoinette’s days didn’t actually speak in English or listen to the Cure or Bow Wow Wow’s “I Want Candy”. Why New Order instead of Cindi Lauper in the trailers? Comment dites-vous “historical accuracy” en francais?

Coppola defended her cotton-candy like approach to the material after the screening, saying “My biggest fear was making a ‘Masterpiece Theatre’ kind of movie…..I didn’t want to make a dry, historical period movie with the distant cold tableau of shots…In the same way I wanted ‘Lost in Translation’ to feel like you had just spent a couple of hours in Tokyo.”

Prediction: Despite mixed reviews, this film will do just fine at the box office with all the looky-loos and young’uns just dying to feast their eyes on Coppola’s new project. Make your own decision once Antoinette hits
the states in October. More coverage than you can handle below:

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“International” Trailer
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– Washington Post
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Posted by Ted Zee on May 27th 2006 | 16 Comments

Must Download TV: Weeds

Weeds is not your ordinary suburban tale. What with all the lying and cheating, gossiping housewifes, the Edward Scissorhands cookie cutter households. Actually, yes it is. But consider all that as background noise to the real scandal…Your mom (Mary Louise Parker) smokes pot. Seriously, she loves the stuff. She does that move where you exhale, and then chomp at the smoke clouds. After dad died and the money ran out? She hit the streets and started moving the stuff to pay the rent. And now King Kong ain’t got nothin’ on her.

And then there’s Kevin Nealon, who ditched the Hanz and Franz schtick and became her best customer.

How is it that nobody knows about this show? I don’t know. For fans of Six Feet Under, The Sopranos, even Desperate Housewives for godsakes, as Tony Yayo is my witness, Weeds has that dark comedy that will make you want to eat Tostitos all night. The first season is available for download on iTunes now. DVD releases in July. Second season starts August 14th on Showtime. Plenty of time to catch yourself up.


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SIFF preview: The Science of Sleep

As his follow up to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Michel Gondry returns to the space in your head with his new film The Science of Sleep at the Seattle International Film Festival on June 18th. I’ve heard the ladies love Gael Garcia Bernal. From the SIFF guide:

Michel Gondry directs this surreal, intensely visual film about a young artist (Gael GarcĂ­a Bernal) who returns home after the death of his father. With a mundane job and a burgeoning relationship with his neighbor (Charlotte Gainsbourg), his dreams and waking life collide.

Here’s a random clip from the film featuring guitars, erupting volcanoes, and claymation construction sites.

EDIT: more Gondry, more love

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Big Love For Miranda July

And speaking of PTA, what better counterpart to Adam Sandler’s role in Punch Drunk Love than Miranda July in Me and You and Everyone We Know? I mean, Christine Jesperson and Barry Egan? Those two were made for each other. I have a real weakness for socially inept lead characters, scratching and survivin’, trying to make it happen on the love scene. Not because I know anything about such things..

So Miranda July fans, how much time are you willing to give her? 33 minutes of her squirming though a video interview about Me and You? Or maybe you just need a 8 second quickie like this player here?

Edit: Well hot damn, what about another 5 minutes with MJ and John C. Reilly in a short film, Are You the Favorite Person of Anybody?


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P.T. Anderson With Henry Rollins

To kick things off we’ll take a look at a video from one of my favorite directors, P.T. Anderson, being chatted up with a guy I haven’t given much thought to, Mr. Henry Rollins. You know, I’ve always had a take-him-or-leave-him type attitude towards Henry, I was never much of a Black Flag guy, but I used to always laugh at that “Liar” video. Henry really stepped up his game the other night, interviewing P.T. and giving props to the series finale of the West Wing in the same episode of his show on IFC. Henry, you’re OK in my book.

Here PTA shares some tidbits about his new project, There Will Be Blood, working alongside Robert Altman on The Prarie Home Companion, and his penchant for working with a select group of actors like these guys.

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