P.T. Anderson With Henry Rollins

To kick things off we’ll take a look at a video from one of my favorite directors, P.T. Anderson, being chatted up with a guy I haven’t given much thought to, Mr. Henry Rollins. You know, I’ve always had a take-him-or-leave-him type attitude towards Henry, I was never much of a Black Flag guy, but I used to always laugh at that “Liar” video. Henry really stepped up his game the other night, interviewing P.T. and giving props to the series finale of the West Wing in the same episode of his show on IFC. Henry, you’re OK in my book.

Here PTA shares some tidbits about his new project, There Will Be Blood, working alongside Robert Altman on The Prarie Home Companion, and his penchant for working with a select group of actors like these guys.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I agree. Henry is very wonderful now that he interviews directors and actors and great people like that. I’ve seen the episodes with PT Anderson, Ozzy Osbourne and Oliver Stone. Really good TV. Really really really good.


  2. canadamericano Says:

    thnx for sharing this. an insightful interview.

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