Must Download TV: Weeds

Weeds is not your ordinary suburban tale. What with all the lying and cheating, gossiping housewifes, the Edward Scissorhands cookie cutter households. Actually, yes it is. But consider all that as background noise to the real scandal…Your mom (Mary Louise Parker) smokes pot. Seriously, she loves the stuff. She does that move where you exhale, and then chomp at the smoke clouds. After dad died and the money ran out? She hit the streets and started moving the stuff to pay the rent. And now King Kong ain’t got nothin’ on her.

And then there’s Kevin Nealon, who ditched the Hanz and Franz schtick and became her best customer.

How is it that nobody knows about this show? I don’t know. For fans of Six Feet Under, The Sopranos, even Desperate Housewives for godsakes, as Tony Yayo is my witness, Weeds has that dark comedy that will make you want to eat Tostitos all night. The first season is available for download on iTunes now. DVD releases in July. Second season starts August 14th on Showtime. Plenty of time to catch yourself up.


Posted by Ted Zee on May 22nd 2006 | Home Page | 2 Comments Subscribe to this site's feed

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  1. loretta Says:

    I don’t watch tv and I don’t have cable which is a good thing or else I’d be wasting my money for nothing. So, I didn’t even know about Weeds until now and I definitely want to see it on DVD. Thanks Ted! July…

  2. Says:

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