james gandolfini hosts real life sit down with sopranos costars

In the life imitates art department, we learned that James Gandoldfini has intervened in the heated negotiations between Sopranos costars Steven (Silvio) Van Zandt and Tony (Paulie Walnuts) Sirico and HBO. The two sides have come to an impasse, with Van Zandt and Sirico both asking for more than double their previous contracts to stick around for 8 more episodes in what will be the second half of The Sopranos final season. Shooting is scheduled to begin in less than two weeks, and the three stars are reportedly meeting this weekend to put their fat heads together. Gandolfini is no stranger to such issues, as he had an even more contemptuous contract dispute with HBO three years ago that almost brought the series crashing down. And how many script pages of the show don’t involve some strong arm “negotiations” of some sort? It’s going to be rough going for both sides.

On the other hand, HBO won’t want to have it’s trademark series bid farewell in a watered down mess, and these guys are not going to drop out of a phenomenon that is going to be the first line of their future obituaries. Not to worry.

Link: James Gandolfini puts muscle on “Sopranos” pals – Reuters

Update – 7/2: HBO caved, Van Zandt and Sirico got paid, along with the rest of the cast, and shooting is set to begin.


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