preview: Christopher Guest's "For Your Consideration"

for your considerationFeaured in the July edition of Premiere magazine’s “Comedy issue” are details of Christopher Guest’s new movie For Your Consideration. The comedy follows the cast of a miserable little indie flick whose expectations and egos have been tainted by award nominations gossip and internet rumors about the film.

All of the usual suspects are in attendance (Eugene Levy, Jennifer Coolidge, Catherine O’hara, Parker Posey, Fred Willard) as well as some recruits from The Office (UK/US), Ricky Gervais and John Krasinski. Although most of the film is improvised, as per usual with Guest’s films, he has dropped the “mockumentary” aspect. Instead there are scripted “movie within a movie” scenes of the group’s project, Home for Purin. Guest dropped his usual format to add more serious overtones to the film, saying “It’s a sad subject, and this movie is in many ways very dark.”

But don’t count on this being a great departure from Guest and company’s comedic roots. I mean, Fred (Wha Happen?) Willard is involved after all. Willard has become notorious among the normal players for scene stealing and shutting down any normal sense of decorum. He’ll be hosting an Access Hollywood type show, which should allow for plenty of celebrity insults by Fred and his rapid fire improvisations. Guest says of Willard, “We very carefully write situations for Fred so he can do what he does that no one else can do. I’ll say cut and he’ll say, “I’m not finished”

Ricky Gervais, who in this interview reveals, suprisingly, that this is the first role he’s accepted, says “It’s probably because Christopher Guest is the single biggest influence on my comedy.” Gervais will be paying a head of a movie studio’s specialty division. Comparing aspects of the film to his current series Extras, Gervais adds, “I suppose it’s all about actors’ egos; it’s very much the sort of thing that I’ve explored in Extras, how whatever they say, their monstrous ego overwhelms them.”

For Your Consideration is scheduled for release in November.


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