More Details, New Trailer for Science of Sleep

science of sleepAlong with the emergence of the “official” trailer (in Quicktime), as opposed to the murky clip we’ve posted earlier, The Independent (via IFC blog) digs a little dirt on director Michel Gondry, who seems to have a bit of a chip on his shoulder when it comes to former collaborators. One such man is Eternal Sunshine writer Charlie Kaufman. It’s apparent that Gondry desperately wants to walk from beneath his shadow. Nonethless, even Sleep actress Charlotte Gainsbourg makes comparisons to Sunshine. Ouch. Michel has a beef with Chappelle’s Block Party musical guests and industry types as well, saying “Every time you deal with music you deal with such an immense number of assholes, who don’t care if the project happens or not. They have no artistic interest.”

Science of Sleep should see a wide release in September. I would have loved to give you a heads up review from SIFF, but the 40 dollar price tag on an advance screening ticket was a bit much. If any Seattlelites have the scoop firsthand, pass it on.

Michel Gondry: No More the Dreamer – The Independent


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  1. Thanakrit Says:

    This speaks to me, tollaty. I’m jamming to it now. On your 8tracks you added this bit “because she had no talents only hobbies” along with the rest, I’ve always felt that way really (in the most moronic way). But also, I’ve been meaning to watch Toyko! for a while, what’s with your impeccable film taste eh? 21 yr old me is ecstatic, 16 yr old me would be jealous beyond belief, boo!

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