Week in Review: Battle Royale, Scanner Darkly, Chappelle, Deadwood

ian mcshane

Here’s a wrapup of some of the best film and television finds from the past week: Cinematical has an update citing this New York Times story about the Battle Royale remake we told you of earlier. New Line is still working out plans on how to make the Americanized version palletable for the ratings board, saying that the original version would have garnered an NC-17 rating. Cinematical also features this interview with former DEVO member Mark Mothersbaugh whose film composing resume includes everything from Pee Wee’s Playhouse and Rugrats, to all of Wes Anderson’s films.

The Toronto Star has this inteview with director Richard Linklater on A Scanner Darkly, while movieweb has another with Linklater, Winona Ryder, and Keanu Reeves on bringing the Phillip K. Dick adaptation to life.

As far as TV analysis, there’s Slate’s piece about why the “Lost” Chappelle’s Show episodes are “genius” and critic Tim Goodman explains why my current favorite addiction, Deadwood was not Emmy eligible. We also learn that when he’s not appearing in YouTube mashups with Lucky Louie audiences, or making plans to voice Captain Hook in Shrek 3, resident Deadwood badass Ian McShane also sends out Christmas cards to adoring writers.

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