Johnny Drama to Star in Mobile Entourage Episodes

johnny dramaEntourage fans, check your cellie. If has a Cingular logo, there may be a slow download in your future. Cingular announced that they will be releasing mobile episodes of Entourage starring personal chef/former Viking Quest star Johnny Drama, for the low price of $14.99 a month for media service, and another 5 bucks a month for HBO downloads.

“The premise of the made-for-mobile ‘Entourage’ story is: Johnny Drama makes a “cellivision” show. Customers can view a series of short vignettes based on this premise as they continue to enjoy the adventures of the friends from Queens on the Hollywood road to fame and fortune.”

The four minute episode storylines are said to exist outside of the main happenings on the show, and it’s not quite clear yet which characters will actually make appearances. Seriously though, who needs to watch more of that wet blanket Vinnie Chase? Give me Drama. After all those years of living of living in his brother’s shadow, both in real life and on the show, it’s Kevin Dillon’s time to shine. Give him his four minutes on the 1.5 inch screen for godssakes.

Question: Who’s got more juice right now, Kevin Dillon or Drugstore Cowboy brother Matt? And how do their current projects match up against Johnny Drama’s fake resume?

Yahoo story here and Cingular news release here

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Posted by Ted Zee on July 12th 2006 | Home Page | 2 Comments Subscribe to this site's feed

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