Project Runway Recap: Season 3 Premiere

project runwayThe third installment of the Bravo network’s successful Project Runway kicked off last night, with a casting pre-show in LA, Chicago, Miami, and New York where a handful of talented designers were selected, as well as a peppering of “whackadoos” (to use a Michael Kors turn of phrase) and losers for the audience to suffer through while production manufactures scene stealers and forgets character development on the editing room floor.

The “Road to the Runway” pre-show demonstrated how favorites from seasons one and two are still doing what they did before (season one’s Kara Saun dressing B-list all-stars, season two’s Nick Verreos teaching, and winner Chloe Dao still plugging away beading wife-beaters at her Houston boutique “Lot 8”). Season one winner Jay McCarroll and season two heartthrob Daniel Vosovic are both twiddling their thumbs while considering the age-old quandary of art vs. commerce. Speaking of McCarroll, shame on Bravo for letting ubermodel host Heidi Klum scold them in low Deutsch for airing only the first two episodes of “Project Jay” in which McCarroll went belly-to-chin with the diva over a last-minute awards show snafu. Klum apparently prefers to be seen as a bobble-headed cartoon of herself than an actual power player, which is too bad; it would make better TV. Santino has been trotted out to stiffly speak his self-mocking lines while rolling his eyes, but where the hell is Andrae? I miss that little tweaker.

Season three stand-outs thus far include the brilliantly cast Malan Breton who was born in Taiwan, or so he likes to say. I’m conjuring a limerick as we speak. Breton, who bears a striking resemblance to Spandau Ballet and may be the grandson of French surrealist Andre Breton, is actually a performance artist, but the surprise is he has talent and totally plays to the camera with his scary Udo Kier eyes and Daniel Franco creepiness. Heidi Klum told this week’s Newsweek that this season of PR will have a nasty villain, so here’s hoping Mr. Breton is it. Also note-worthy is Angela Keslar, Catherine Keener’s body double, who told judges she makes accessories “like some women make babies”, obviously alluding to Seal’s babymama. Jeffrey Sebelia harkens back to the 80s fashion icon Stephen Sprouse with his own line, Cosa Nostra, which is well known inside and outside fashion meccas like LA. The first challenge was to scavenge the Atlas apartments in which contestants are housed for materials for a high fashion gown. The winner last night, Keith Michael, is this season’s Emmett and not simply because Tim Gunn wants him. Possibly the most interesting gown that went unnoticed was Atlantan Michael Knight’s coffee filter dress, which was light and lovely and completely original.

The idea they’re selling for PR3 is that more contestants are actual designers instead of wannabes, but it’s a false premise; note the architect mother of five and the snowboarder. Those with most potential appear to be Alison, Bonnie, and Uli, but as Bravo likes to remind us, we must watch what happens next. The Blogging Project Runway site and the PR store are both worth checking out. The store features t-shirts designed by seasons one and two faves. You too can spend $25 plus shipping on what appears to be a screenprinting workshop gone mediocre, including Daniel V’s “Free Tim Gunn” top, both because “free” whomever went out with Mumia and Winona and because the likeness is unforgivably ugly. Free Andrae!

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