Steely Dan has a beef with Owen Wilson

big lebowskiRead a few lines from this open letter from the band Steely Dan, and then tell me that you can’t picture these guys:
“Hey man – it’s like, Don and Walt, we’re the guys from Steely Dan, the group, we won those grammies that time, maybe you recall?….something kind of uncool has come to our attention and we’ve got to, like, do something or say something before the scene gets out of our control and something even more uncool happens.” To clarify, let’s cover a few things you may not know about Steely Dan:

1. They (still) exist. And they’re currently on tour with Michael McDonald.
2. Apparently they’re big fans of Bottle Rocket: “We both thought it was way rocking!” Everything else on Luke and Owen Wilson’s resumes…not so much.
3. They have a major problem with Owen, claiming that the concept for You, Me and Dupree was stolen outright from their song “Cousin Dupree” without authorization, and from either due to lack of effort, or some undisclosed harsh vibes, they’ve opted to utilize brother Luke as a go-between for their most heinous accusations.

So how to bury the hatchet between the Wilsons and the Steely Dans? Don and Walt offer up this affable solution, “He’ll come down to Irvine, apologize onstage, then we’ll load him up with cool Steely merch…tell Owen to bring his bongos if he wants to sit in.” Jam sessions, Michael McDonald, plus a tour t-shirt? Let’s make this happen.

Open Letter to the Great Comic Actor, Luke Wilson –

UPDATE 8/15: The Steely Dans have now focused on Wes Anderson’s new project, The Darjeeling Limited, with laser-like precision, and have in kind, sent Wes an open letter as well. Not up to speed? We’ve got all the available Darjeeling details, and Alison over at The IFC Blog has you covered on the Steely Dan angle.

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