Tarantino and Rodriguez Talk Grindhouse

Update 10/11/06: View a preview of Grindhouse here:

tarantino rodriguez grindhouseBesides giving attendees of San Diego’s Comic-Con a glimpse of footage for Planet Terror, the first half of the collaborative “double feature” Grindhouse from Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino, the two also dropped a cast list, and some news about new Kill Bill projects in the pipeline. Comingsoon.net was there to see a few minutes of footage from Planet Terror, the Rodriguez helmed zombie film, shot with a grainy, vintage feel. The preview consisted of a few clips, including Six Feet Under’s Freddy Rodriguez and Rose McGowan (with a severed leg no less) doing battle with zombies, and McGowan making use of a (stump) leg mounted machine gun. The cast also includes Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas, for reasons unbeknownst to us.

As far as Tarantino’s slasher film Death Proof, the cast includes Kurt Russell and Rosario Dawson, and is set to start shooting in about a month from now in Austin, TX. Planet Terror and Death Proof, along with the trailers for fake exploitation films to serve as fare for intermission, were originally thought to be short enough to create a normal feature length. However Quentin now says “This is not a faux double feature. This is two f*cking movies for the price of one! Your $10 will be well spent at the Grindhouse, baby!” Grindhouse is scheduled for release on Easter weekend, 2007.

In other QT news, Quentin also mentioned that he has plans to create two animated Kill Bill prequels, one digging into the earlier days of “Bill” and the other on the young “Bride”.

More Grindhouse details here: The Full Cast for Grindhouse – Comingsoon.net, Rodriguez and Tarantino Present Grindhouse! – Comingsoon.net, COMIC-CON 2006: Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez Reveal Grindhouse Footage – Movieweb.com

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