PBS Children's show host fired for online videos

technical virginPBS has announced the firing of its host for “The Good Night Show,” a program geared towards toddlers winding down for bedtime. The host, Melanie Martinez, created videos years ago, which have gained notoriety in the past few months after being posted on online video providers such as YouTube and IFILM. Martinez, the kids’ show host to be, made a few videos mocking public service announcements under the guise of a young “Technical Virgin”, sharing tips for other girls looking to save their virginity.

In one video, the girl’s mother buys her a vibrator to distract her from teenage boys, and the video ends with the tagline “Vibrators, the smart choice for your future.” Another video describes an “unconventional” method: “Sure it hurts a little, and I wind up walking funny for a day or two. But I think my future’s worth it.”

Anticipating a full outing of the videos beyond the scope of internet viewers, Melanie brought the issue to the attention of PBS, and was immediately released from the show. According to PBS president Sandy Wax, “The dialogue in this video is inappropriate for her role as a preschool program host and may undermine her character’s credibility with our audience.” PBS has decided to remove the show from the air while it searches for a new host.

Judge for yourself: (Mild language)

The Technical Virgin, Video 1 – YouTube
The Technical Virgin, Video 2 – YouTube

From PBS: A Notice to Parents Regarding The Good Night Show 

Story from: PBS kids’ show host fired for video – Yahoo

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  1. Re: melanie martinez Says:

    I would like to download this Funny video


    Will you please make it avalible

    Ps And give Melanie Martinez her job back.

    Thank you.

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