Improvise with Fred Willard

Fred Willard, hard working comedian that he is, has over 150 film and television acting credits to his name since 1966, and doesn’t look to be slowing his roll anytime soon. He’s already racked up 11 gigs for 2006, including Fred Willard’s American Festivals, which aired earlier this year on the Travel Channel. The four part series followed him as he particpated in gatherings such as a renaissance fair, a pirate festival, and The World Championship Duck Calling Contest.

The Associated Press has a short piece with Fred, allowing him to share some improvisational tips, and talk about what it’s been like to work with Christopher Guest, who’s played a large part in making Willard the go-to guest appearance guy for films looking to add some laughs. According to Guest, “He’s obviously one of the funniest people, ever. He’s one of the great improvisers. And it’s not as if you can just pick anyone to do these movies, and so he became one of the main people because he’s one of the best at it.” Their next movie, For Your Consideration, which we’ve touched on earlier, features Fred as an Access Hollywood style TV host. Talking up the film on a recent Letterman appearance, Fred gives a little taste of what we can expect:

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