Trailers: Mutual Appreciation, Shortbus, Stranger Than Fiction

mutual appreciation andrew bujalskiMutual Appreciation – Rock and roll dreaming. Names like Linklater and Cassavetes will be pasted on director Andrew Bujalski’s forehead like so many post-it note comparisons until he truly breaks out. Like his previous entry Funny Ha Ha, you’ll find low budget, low energy, and high meandering. But the fact that his indie rock ne’er-do-wells make me want go back in time to slap old acquaintances in the face must mean that the realism hits pretty close to home.

Shortbus – Director John Cameron Mitchell’s followup to Hedwig and the Angry Itch evokes adjectives like “Fucktastic! Cocktacular! Breastalicious!” from Cinematical’s James Rocchi. Expect real sex on a Skittles color palette. Whispers from industry insiders say there’s a story in there as well.

Stranger Than Fiction – Will Farrell’s hearing voices, and this time it’s not my roommate clamoring for Anchorman 2. Here he discovers his every move being dictated by an unseen narrator. You must fight for your life, Mugatu.

Factotum – Based on the Charles Bukowski novel. Stars Matt Dillon, Lili Taylor, Marisa Tomei. As Bukowski’s alter-ego Henry Chinaski, Dillon wanders through employment, relations, taverns, and life while grinding out rejected writings.

The Fountain – In the tradition of Wong Kar Wai’s 2046, Hou Hsiao-hsien’s Three Times, and whoever it was that made The Lake House, love transverses various times and dimensions. Hugh Jackman. Rachel Weisz. Perhaps you’re supposed to down a pill before you watch this.

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