Larry David, HBO agree on 6th season of Curb Your Enthusiasm

After some hemming and hawing over the past year by Larry David about whether he could continue on with Curb Your Enthusiasm, HBO has announced, a week after the release of the fifth season on DVD, that hands have been shaken on a deal for a sixth. Reuters reports that the rest of the cast has been signed, and that September could mark the start of shooting for the series, with a premiere sometime in 2007. It’s not yet known if this will mark the final season of Curb, but when asked in July, HBO chairman Chris Albrecht said, “Odds are probably yes, but who knows?”

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Posted by Ted Zee on August 08th 2006 | Home Page | 8 Comments Subscribe to this site's feed

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  1. lobus Says:

    so happy. was always gonna happen though

  2. steve o Says:

    good idea cancel the best comedy show
    of the past decade””””””””””’

  3. JR Says:

    Love the show. I recently saw the bounus features on season 5, Larry mentioned that he might have trouble with the writing. Would you guys be willing to take ideas from the public. I have some grat ideas, or has that been done. I understand if Larry like to do his own. Just a suggestion.

  4. Jay Says:

    Glad he’s bringing us more!

    As far as writing, I believe he has said that a difficult part was getting the stories to cleverly sync up at the end of the episode like he often does. I don’t think he has a shortage of actual ideas, its the implementation that’s a pain.

  5. chris Says:

    love the show looking forward to seeing the 6th season.

  6. Hallie Kantor Says:


  7. Bob Says:

    Love the show

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Larry David is the comic genius of this decade

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