Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant Star in Microsoft Training Film

A David Brent “do” for Microsoft employees: “If you’re looking for a better job, use all your time at Microsoft to find that new job.”

Ricky Gervais reprised his role as David Brent from The Office earlier this year, along with co-creator Stephen Merchant, for a Microsoft UK training film. This has nothing in common with the video you watched on VHS in the breakroom at your first job. No, this is very much a Gervais/Merchant jam session, riffing (or ripping) on Microsoft culture, “nerdy little dweebs that live with their nan”, Stephen Hawking, and really just having too much fun on Bill Gates’s dime.

There’s two videos that add up to almost 40 minutes of David Brent’s poignant teachings, with Merchant as the buttoned up Micosoft-logoed interviewer, allowing David to voice his concerns about android development, and encouraging employee training, if for no better reason than “a day not spent sitting next to some nerd, going on about how his mum mixed up his Buffy videos, with his Deep Space Nine videos.”. Consider them as lost Office episodes that could have perhaps used a bit of editing. Definitely hang in there, or fast forward to the last two or three minutes of outtakes on each video. You might find that Gervais is his own biggest fan. But a guy that laughs at his own jokes is my kind of guy.

Update: Microsoft UK has requested the removal of the Gervais videos, as they are “for internal training purposes only”.

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Posted by Ted Zee on August 14th 2006 | Home Page | 1 Comment Subscribe to this site's feed

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