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Season 2, Episode 1: “Corn Snake”

The season two premiere of Showtime’s pot-dealing matriarch comedy Weeds, picked up right where it left off: Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker) checking herself in the bathroom mirror in the home of her new “acquaintance” Peter (Martin Donovan), naked but for his jacket she picked up off a chair in the dark, now slowly spelling out the bold yellow lettering on said jacket in her head: D-E-A. Yes Nancy, Good Morning. You’ve just unknowingly slept with a drug enforcement officer. As panic quickly replaces foggy-headedness and keen awareness rubs out bedroom eyes, Nancy takes a quick inventory of Peter’s dresser while he’s asleep. Badge: check. Gun: check. Which leads to the customarily awkward first morning-after conversation:

Peter: You have big feet.
Nancy: Why do you have a gun in your dresser?
Peter: Were you snooping?
Nancy: My feet used to be smaller but I went up a size with each kid……It’s just sitting there, in your dresser. I saw it when I went to pee.
Peter: I like your big feet.
Nancy: They’re not like Fred Flintstone feet. They’re just, long.

Soon after, Peter admits to being an enemy of the common drug dealer, and Nancy makes for the door as casually as possible, yet ready to run if need be, like a Flintstone in her foot-powered ride.

In other Agrestic Hills happenings, Celia (Elizabeth Perkins), fresh from a fender-bender at the mall, finds her traffic light concerns ignored by city councilman Doug (a blissfully smoked-out Kevin Nealon). But with resources already allocated towards more important matters, as in town branding (Agrestic: The Best of the Bestic) and the like, Doug leaves Celia steaming at the emptied-out council chamber. Later, over coffees spiked with Jack Daniels, Nancy pushes for Celia to get back at Doug where it hurts: by overthrowing him as City Councilperson. The notion works for Celia’s husband, who assumes that he’ll be bowing out as Doug’s campaign manager, due to conflict of interest, and in as Celia’s, only to find out that he’s not wanted. So it’s pothead against cancer survivor, husband versus wife; the future of Agrestic at stake.

The friction in episode one is found in the planning and execution stages of Nancy and (former supplier, now business partner) Conrad’s move to turn her “fakery”, a front for herb-friendly confections, into a full on California drug-cartel of the first order. When Nancy confesses that she’s laid down with the law, Conrad is ready to jump ship. Coincidental or not, the presence of Nancy’s new man is too close for comfort in Conrad’s eyes, although Nancy isn’t too sure of the outburst. Is it caution or jealousy? And then there’s minor partner in crime Sanjay, who brings the episode to a close in a blaze of glory, so to speak, “accidentally” burning down the bakery, hoping to enter the love of Nancy sweepstakes by earning start-up money for the biz though insurance claims. Surely it can’t be that easy, so an arson investigation is sure to follow. As Conrad said, “That shit only works on The Sopranos.”

Closing Notes: Nancy’s brother Andy is back to cramming for his Rabbi studies, looking to get accepted into Rabbinical school in order to avoid being shipped off to Iraq with the rest of his Reserve unit. While applying for entrance, he sets his eyes on a new lady/enabler.

The opening theme, “Little Boxes”, originally played by folksy Melvina Reynolds, will be covered by various hitmakers and indie notables throughout the season. Elvis Costello started things out for the season, to be followed up by the likes of Englebert Humperdinck, Death Cab for Cutie (next Sunday – 8/21), Ozomatli, Regina Spektor, Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley, Tim DeLaughter of The Polyphonic Spree, and more.

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  1. Keren Says:

    Nancy’s brother-in-law *already* is Jewish. :-)

  2. tedz Says:

    Good call Keren. I’ll fix it.

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