Weeds Recap: Season Two, Episode Three

Season 2, Episode 3: “Last Tango in Agrestic”

Picking up where we left off, with Nancy having thrown up on the front lawn, Peter brings her back to the car to continue the conversation. “When I come across a suburban widow dealing dime bags to bored housewives, I like to flatter myself by thinking that I have more important things to do with my time – professionally speaking.” Not in it for the bust, he thinks the two can mold their dealer/lawman relations into a mutually beneficial partnership. Nancy, still skeptical, joins Peter over dinner to talk about how they might continue. When asked how long it took for him to figure out her day job, he admits that he had suspicions almost immediately, and used his snooping skills to do a background check. He even knows that she has a sister – Jill. Peter says that he’s had time to think the situation through, and that he has a plan to make the relationship work.

A day later – arriving late for family dinner, Silas is suspicious about his mother’s absence since rushing out to meet Peter the previous evening. She’s hiding something. Later, Silas pleads with his girlfriend, Sarah, to take him back so they can have their kicks before she heads off to Princeton. Next, a teenage sex montage. Soon enough we find him sticking a safety pin through a Trojan. So that’s his plan for keeping his girlfriend around? Kids.

“Have you been noticing any changes in your body lately?” Nancy learns that Shane has discovered the wonders of puberty, and has been flushing spent socks down the toilet, but he denies any such self-discovery. Throwing her hands up after Shane makes a speedy, and fully humiliated exit, she recruits Andy’s help in the matter – “Talk to Shane about jerking off.” Andy offers an instructional/motivational talk for Shane – Pearl Jam, Tugging the tiger, Goo glove, Creamy Italian, Randy Johnsons, and a host of other euphemisms are used to encourage Shane to freely kick the tires, and take his body out for a spin. But just say no to “used” socks down the pipes.

Meeting with Conrad and Doug in a new “grow house” location they’ve acquired in their rapidly expanding operation, Conrad questions Nancy’s new found swagger, now fearing no interruption of the risky business at hand. Then, upon first introduction, Celia’s husband Dean finally puts two and two together – “You’re the Conrad that fucked my wife!” Conrad offers him one free punch to even things up, but Dean has never hit a man before, and he’s not good under pressure. He haggles for a rain check, and Conrad begrudgingly accepts.

Finally, just after Nancy agrees to contribute in some small way to Celia’s city council overthrow, Peter phones. “Just thinking about where we were less than 24 hours ago.” We flashback on the two, after Nancy’s realization that the jig was up, on a plane – destination unknown. Once on the ground, walking hand in hand, Peter helps her through a mental checklist:

“No one but us has to know about this?”

“Our secret?”

“Strictly business?”

“And this means they can’t make you testify against me?”

Cue Elvis. Wedding bells. Las Vegas. Holy Matrimony.

Quick Notes: Heylia has a gentleman suitor from the Nation of Islam, bearing homemade pies. Andy finally gets a date with his admissions officer. What took him so long? Celia finds herself injured in a most intimate area after joining her daughter’s morning exercise camp. Cover of “Little Boxes” by Engelbert Humperdinck. Fun Fact: Shoshannah Stern, who plays teenage Megan, girlfriend of Silas, is 26 years old.

New recap next week.

Update: Added video of Andy’s (now notorious) masturbation speech:

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    Girlfriend’s name is Megan, not Sarah.

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