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the wire season fourIn gearing up for the season four premiere of The Wire – on Sunday the 10th, HBO has already released the first episode of the new season on it’s On Demand service.

After dissecting both sides of the law at work in the projects, port docks, and street corners of Baltimore, the fourth season looks to the public education system – surrounded on all sides by the drug trade and it’s inherent violence, underfunded schools, and teachers forced to teach for test scores, as opposed to practical education, children often opt for the learning to be had on the streets.

Co-creator and writer of The Wire, Ed Burns, who previously spent 20 years in law enforcement dealing with drug-related homicides, followed up by 7 years in teaching, is well versed in the few options that are available. “The kids are going to learn something,” says Burns. “There’s going to be a place for them somewhere and, invariably, you can make the argument that they’re being trained for the corner.”

Working on a slow burn structure of a season long story arch, as opposed to traditional police procedurals that have less than 60 minutes for the pieces to fall into place, The Wire also stands out for it’s depth – where the motivation of dealers, stick-up artists, fiending users, and drug lords is up for equal analysis, and at times, as much empathy as politicians, police commanders, and rank-and-file officers.

For preparations sake, on what Entertainment Weekly is calling the “best-yet season of quite possibly the finest series ever made for television”, the Associated Press has a preview of season four, and The House Next Door blog has lengthy profiles of “rip and run artist” Omar Little, informant ne’er do well Bubbles, and slow-and-low talking entrepreneur Proposition Joe. They’ll have more on The Wire to finish out the week.

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