HBO's 'The Wire' Locked In For 5th Season

Deadwood faithful were hung out to dry in favor of David Milch’s new pet project, and the future of Curb Your Enthusiasm was in question up until a few weeks ago, but there is a future, and end, in sight for HBO’s The Wire.

Creators David Simon and Ed Burns have long claimed that they’ve always had a five-season plan in mind for the show, and just a day after the premiere of season four, Variety reports that The Wire will get it’s proper sendoff – no offseason of hastily written emails or faxes from regular viewers required. Season five will address the mass media, and presumably, continue to highlight the rest of Baltimore’s finest – detectives, dealers, fiends, and elected officials.

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Posted by Ted Zee on September 13th 2006 | Home Page | 14 Comments Subscribe to this site's feed

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  1. benzino Says:

    i luv the wire it remind me of how it is down here in chicago around 51st to 55th in moe-town real shit!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. leon Says:

    its time for the barksdale fam to make a comeback. for all you people that belive that marlo is more gangster then avon, you must have lost your rabbit ass mine. first of all when avon’s people get out of jail marlo’s crew won’t last long. can you imagine chris partlow going up against wee-bey, or snoop against bird. that’s like comparing a honda to an ford explorer. this shit is not cool for avon to sit in prison again.

  3. steven Says:

    You have missed the point. Gangstas Go to jail or die. New gangstas rise up and then they go to jail or die. Thats the game. The gang thats the best is the one thats not in jail or died. Old gangstas dont come back from life sentences. The best line is ” Avon had his time. Its my time now.” Truth is all theyre time is short time. thats what makes the wire so good. It tells you the truth about the GAME.

  4. leon Says:

    some of what you said is true.however, I personally know about the real people that they talk about on the show. Gangsters do go to jail or die but even still they get out of jail they still live that life cause they don’t have nothing matter what you or anybody else say, avon will rebuild his muscle. some of his muscle from season one and season 3 will be back(roc roc, cco, puddin, perry, gerard, shamrock poot) hell, even slim charles may rejoin avon. all I sayin is marlo and omar will not last on season 5

  5. SEREUS Says:

    The wire is the realest shit ive seen in a long time. If the Barksdales come back I feel sorry for Marlow.

  6. anwar Says:

    Marlo aint got SHIT on Avon the Barksdale crew stood tall for there people and there people stood tall for them now don’t get me wrong Marlo and Chris and Snoop are as ruthless as they come but the Barksdale crew ran that shit more strategic and sutle

  7. jesse constantini Says:

    when does the 5th season come out

  8. Tasha Says:

    avon can never be as good as he was. his whole crew fell apart. stringer’s dead, bodie’s dead, d’angelo’s dead and wee-bay’s got life. what the hell is avon gonna do? i wanna know what michael’s gonna do. he was seriously coming up in the game – he even had poot working the corner for him. DAMN I CAN’T WAIT TILL SEASON 5!!!!

  9. Steve Says:

    When the hell is the wire coming back on…………There is nothing else to watch. I need a date or something…..

  10. c. Mckenzie Says:

    Like the saying…. “All good things must come to an end.” But I miss stringer man, Actually if you paid close attention to his character, you would realize that Stringer Bell never really wanted to be a gangsta but sometimes some people fall in the trap of being “A product of their Enviornment.” NO, he is no gangsta like Avon or Marlo but thats because he never wanted to be, He has class, and he is very smart. He even took time to read plenty of books and educate himself. He only wanted the money that the “GAME” can give him but he didnt want to be in it, and he was going leave once he got everything straight. It’s ashame he was never able to see his operation and plans pull through. But he went out like a soilder and Put Avon ass back in the where he belongs!

  11. c. Mckenzie Says:

    back in the pen where he belongs!

  12. Pete Says:

    I love the wire. I’ve been catching up on it on the on demand. I can’t wait for the new season. I miss Stringer too…he was a great character. But, I think he definately wanted to be a gangster, just a different kind…more a business gangster – but he wanted the be part of the game…

  13. Anonymous Says:

    man on the wire baltimore look just like chicago condemned buildings dirty trash except baltimore got drug dealing crews when chicago is highly infested with gangs no bloods or crips in the chi though.

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