HBO's 'Lucky Louie" Cancelled

Farewell Louie. Some of us laughed at your workin’ man comedic stylings – bare ass flashes, mixed with sailor talk. Some didn’t. But it was the indifferent ones that led to your untimely demise.

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Posted by Ted Zee on September 18th 2006 | Home Page | 14 Comments Subscribe to this site's feed

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  1. Jeff Keezel Says:

    Come on – it was Married with Children with swear words and simulated sex. Nothing really new going on at all – it deserved to die…thekeez

  2. Mad Says:

    I just found out that the show would not be re-newed for next season. I’m not real sure why though. I wish HBO would reconsider.

  3. Greg Shaffer Says:

    This show was great. I can’t believe it was cancelled.

  4. Student Anthony Says:

    Wow, what a bad call by HBO.
    This show was the funniest sitcom I’ve seen in years.

  5. Rebecca Says:

    My friend Liz just informed my friend Caitlin and I that one of our FAVORITE SHOWS has been cancelled…:*( Lucky Louie was a frank, real look at married life, when life ain’t so great.I loved this show and me and my friends will sorrily miss this show. :**(


  6. wade Says:

    This suck’s….Just when we get a show that makes you laugh, they cancel???? With all the crap that the networks are putting out HBO finds somthing good, and they have to cancel it???? tv stinks…

  7. Josh Says:

    This was by far the single most funniest show i’ve ever seen, I dont understand why they would cancel it. Thats a shame ! and i hope they do eventually bring it back for another season.

  8. washwalker Says:

    Lucky Louie was uneven, some portions of some episodes were really bad, but that’s the way it goes when a show is finding it’s feet. HBO should have had patience with it, because when it was good, which was most of the time, it was by far the funniest and most real thing on TV.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Absolutely, the funniest, the smartest, the best sitcom, EVER
    Oh jeez, they should have had Joan Rivers on there, the powers that be think she’s REAL funny and then we could still see Lucky Louie.

  10. fan from compton Says:

    terribly funny…omg!!! I will miss it!

  11. Shaun Says:

    Lucky Louie was the best new sitcom. It was funny, fresh and entertaining. It is a shame that it was cancelled.

  12. steve b Says: they are reairing lucky louie guess they changed thier minds

  13. Anonymous Says:

    I thought this show was great,,,what a shame that it was cancelled,,,bring it back.111111111

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