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Week in Review: Sacha Cohen promotes movie, important people have taken offense. The locomotion of action/reaction will plug on until the barnburning November release. One year from now, Borat will be spotted at a costume party near you, where slurred words will quote him like so many Austin Powers utterances – Yeah Baby.

Opening this weekend (trailers) – controversial creepfest Jesus Camp (limited), Billy Bob Thornton accompanied by an unnamed actor in School For Scoundrels, and Forest Whittaker in Last King of Scotland (limited).

Kung Fu Hustle, American Psycho, and Memento mentioned in A.V. Club’s Midnight Movie List.

who dat ninja tracey morgan 30 rock30 Rock buzz – Tracy Morgan (as T. Jordan) in faux-film one-sheets for Who Dat Ninga (sic) and Black Cop, White Cop (via EW).

Studio 60 – Where’s the comedy? I’ll cop a guilty plea for perpetuating the hype (maybe YouTube makes everything look better, like leaked pilots) and I’m ready to eat my words, because NBC’s pride and joy is losing steam at this early juncture – it’s (not) funny because it’s true. With a different creator working behind the scenes, the bar wouldn’t have been set as high, but the show needs more than a few touches to prove that Sorkin’s not at a loss for post-West Wing relevance. Drop Stephen Webber as the flaccid network chairman, along with Sarah Paulson – and if you’re going to go on and on about how hilarious this “Crazy Christians” skit is for two episodes, have the balls to show it, in lieu of sadly anticlimactic opening musical numbers.

Saturday Night Live premieres this weekend. Dane Cook, The Killers, an all out Boregasm – predicts Goldenfiddle. True.

Pregnant – Lauren Ambrose, six months in, while most of her other Six Feet Under castmates are back out there, trying to put food on the table. Not like I need an excuse, or would allow anyone to forget about Michael C. Hall in Dexter, premiering Sunday on Showtime.

HBO announces the future adaptation of UK production Suburban Shootout (trailer). Snap analysis – Desperate Housewives in a gun-toting Battle Royale.

If David Spade (signed to new sitcom gig) falls in the forest, and nobody’s watching, would he make a sound?

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