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the departed scorsesePolish up the Oscar(s) for Marty. Early on, The Departed is essentially on the precipice of Metacritic’s number one spot for 2006, as far as best reviewed films go. Crime thriller tag-along Michael Mann stumbled over mojito sipping and dog-eared dialogue in Miami Vice this summer, but Scorsese succeeds in bringing the mean back to the streets. DiCaprio. Damon. Wahlberg. Sheen. Baldwin. Nicholson. Trailer.

And lest anybody’s wondering, The Departed is splattered with moments of pure, dead-eyed, blood-soaked Scorsesean violence — the pop-pop of bullets and oof-oof of beatings that explode skulls and smash faces,” says Entertainment Weekly.

“DiCaprio and Damon give explosive, emotionally complex performances, but it must be said that Jack Nicholson reaches undreamed-of heights of decadent devilment.” – Rolling Stone

After a couple of films where one of the best directors ever seemed more intent on pleasing Academy voters than millions of admirers, Scorsese returns to contemporary crime fiction with a hugely satisfying bang.” – The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. Nicole Says:

    hey!You sure do love movies, huh? Reading your writing about them makes me want to see one – or two….the last movie I saw was a Canadian Classic from the 70s called ‘Goin’ Down the Road’. I should bulk up my film viewin’

  2. Doc Says:

    Great movie!! Unfortunately, all those “Irish” boys look alike to me…. Who the hell was the guy with the gun in the last scene?


  3. tedz Says:

    I’ll email you the answer, Doc. It’s just been out a few days, so I’ll refrain from spoiling it for the rest of the viewing public.


  4. Lee Says:

    An absolute brutal movie. The Director must hate all Law-Enforcement Officers. The movie was worthless. We here in our country are all about: Murder and Blood.

  5. Tyrone Says:

    Cedric, I wouldn’t give more creidt to American-made movies if I didn’t have to, but about 95% of the movies that play in Canadian theatres are American. The few Canadian films that do show up at my local mutliplex receive little advertising (if any at all), and play for a week, two weeks at the most, barely enough time to notice them.I read a statistic last week that 1% of Canadians watch Canadian-made films. It’s sad but it’s true, and there’s not much that can be done about it when motion picture distribution in North American is controlled by American companies.I’m sure there would be more non-American films on my list if I’d actually been able to see them. I know there are better films out there, and it pisses me off that I’m not able to see them in a theatre.As for Scorsese, The Departed may very well be a less inbovative remake, but my first viewing of it in the theatre was still a hell of a lot of fun (I suspect, though, that it won’t hold up well to repeated viewings). Scorsese got the Academy Award for his life’s work, not so much for this film which may not be his best (that was my enthusiasm bubbling over a bit).

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  8. Agus Says:

    It’s a shame that people give so much crdeit to American made movies when there is so much better out there. If you are a fan of foreign’ films, you may wish to view Infernal affairs. It is the original chinese version of The Departed, which scorsese has copied almost scene for scene. The difference betwene the two is that the chinese version manages to capture the machismo without resorting to a single swear word and has lesser blood and guns, while retaining the action. The final scene also makes sense, unlike Scorcese’s. There also exists an alternative ending for the chinese version, which is worth downloading. I am puzzled as to why the Americans allowed a director to steal a film, then give him such a high reward him for it.

  9. Rie Says:

    i just wanna watch hot fuzz..really enjoyed shaun of the dead but i live in a bit of a movie no mans land .watched an older film my first msiter..with albert brooks and some young lady who is now doing other movies name escapes me very well done movie..dialouge is great..no explosions though, no spartans .ohh phillip i just watched risky business for a laugh over the weekend..it was still humerous i continue to be amazed at the pacing of older movies risky business is not old but the pacing of the movies is so less frenetic than comparable endevours made today

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