Production Briefs: Old School 2, Helena Bonham Carter, Jay-Z

Todd Phillips and co-writer Sean Armstrong are officially at work on Old School Dos. The pair will finish the script before approaching Frank the Tank, et al.

Helena Bonham Carter to join Johnny Depp, and more than likely – Sacha Baron Cohen, in Tim Burton’s adaptation of Sweeney Todd. She’ll play Ms. Lovett, accomplice of murderous Sweeney Todd, who adds a secret ingredient to her meat pies – Variety

Immediately after dropping Show Me What You Got, Jay-Z – in the news again, this time behind the scenes in developing Hit Men, a scripted boxing drama for ESPN. Set in an “Inner-city” gym, up and comers – scratching and surviving…things of that nature.

Finally – Luckie Louie was cancelled after one season. Hopefully, talk of an HBO series featuring the return of Ray Romano won’t make it that far.

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