Catherine O'Hara talks 'Where the Wild Things Are'

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For Your Consideration cast member, Catherine O’Hara, took a few moments from promoting the new Christopher Guest film (opening in limited release November 17, wider the week after) to talk about Spike Jonze’s adaptation of the Maurice Sendak children’s classic, Where the Wild Things Are. The actress, who provided voice work for the live-action/animated film spoke about fleshing out the imaginary creatures/friends of one young Max, whose bedroom is transformed into the land of the Wild Things.

“We had Forest Whitaker and James Gandolfini, Catherine Keener, Michelle Williams and, oh, man, please get the list. Really great actors. We all workshopped the characters of the Wild Things. Catherine Keener and Spike Jonze [Being John Malkovich] took turns playing the little boy, Max…..and the rest of us played the Wild Things. I’m one of the Wild Things. My name is Judith. We shot this for two weeks on a commercial stage in L.A., and then they took that, basically our voices, but also our character work, and they were using a mixture [of live] and CG effects, and they’re now shooting it in Australia, with a live little boy.

“The whole cast and Spike had this I-chat one day with Maurice Sendak. His monitor wasn’t working great, and there were so many of us in the room that Spike asked him to basically just talk to us about the book and when it came out and about children and about movies and about life. I swear to you, I cried three times during this, and I laughed. What an interesting, smart, beautiful man.”

Look for Where the Wild Things Are to be released in 2008.

Via Sci Fi Wire

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  1. Matt Says:

    This and the Hungry Little Caterpillar were my favorite books when I was like 3…I’ll definitely see this.

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  3. Anonymous Says:

    my friend is in the movie of this book she plays the older sister

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