Shorts: More 'Spiderman', 'Bond', 'Simpsons', and 'Godfather'?

Thursday marked the release of the official Spiderman 3 Trailer. There’s another quasi trailer floating around with new scenes and raw effects footage – from MovieWeb. Watch it while it lasts.

And then there’s The Simpsons Movie Trailer. Film debuts 7/27/07.

It’s never too late to ruin a good thing. Thus, you very well might see The Godfather Returns.

Arrested Development’s Will Arnett, and SNL’s Will Forte in The Brothers Solomon, directed by Bob Odenkirk.

Was casting Daniel Craig as James Bond a risk? Watch him in Layer Cake before you answer.

Six years before finding himself having to break bread with Nancy Pelosi, George W. Bush was getting real with Nancy’s daughter, Alexandra, making googley eyes for the camera in her documentary Journeys With George (with trailer).

“Using computer facial-scanning software, British scientists determined that Gervais has the kind of face most likely to generate laughs, based on his combination of a round face, small forehead, wide nose, big lips, large eyes and high cheekbones…Responding to the findings, Gervais says he was “shocked” to learn his success was due to the fact ‘I’ve got a fat, girly face.'” – via TV Tattle.

Very Related: Gervais and Stephen Merchant returned to The Office, so to speak, writing the script for the November 30th episode of NBC’s version.

Finally, The New York Times Magazine features interviews with Chris Rock, Christopher Guest, and Will Farrell. Via Risky Biz.

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