'Be Kind Rewind', then enjoy Nespresso

michel gondryJack Black recently shared some stories on The Science of Sleep director Michel Gondry’s next bit of playfulness, Be Kind Rewind, shot in Passaic, N.J. In the film, Black’s brain is magnetized in an accident, and he subsequently erases all of the tapes in his friend’s (played by Mos Def) local video store. In order to appease the store’s one loyal customer (a senile Mia Farrow), the two must re-create and re-shoot an assortment of Hollywood hits. In the process, Black finds himself starring in such appropriately cast roles as a Thrilla in Manila era Muhammad Ali and the chauffeur in Driving Miss Daisy.

“There [were] tons of movies that we did,” Black said of the upcoming Michel Gondry-directed film. “We did ‘When We Were Kings,’ the documentary about Muhammad Ali — I play Muhammad Ali, strangely. We did ‘Superman.’ I probably shouldn’t say that … we had to change the name of it to something else — ‘Incredible Flying Man,’ I think. We did ‘Ghostbusters,’ we did ‘Robocop,’ we did ‘Driving Miss Daisy,’ just to name a few…We were under strict orders not to watch any of the movies again, and if we had not seen it, [not to] see it,” he explained. “[Gondry] wanted it to look that way, [like it] was based on the commercials that you had seen of the movie. Because there was no time in the movie for us to do any research, he wanted to keep that consistent with us as actors — to not have time to research the movies we were remaking.”- via VH1

From Gondry, on the re-creation process:

“…They are doing all the effects themselves. They take the tapes that have been erased, the VHS, they re-shoot them on top. Say it’s an old movie they shoot through layers of hanging string to pretend it is scratchy. They shoot through a fan to make it flickering. They use firecrackers for sound. It’s very fun. After all, I don’t do movies to get bored.” – interview via Ropes of Silicon

And if Gondry were to somehow get bored with film, there’s always the lucrative music video business as a fall-back, or cornball ad spots even – such as this gem of a collaboration with George Clooney, for Nespresso coffee machines (video from film ick.) Of course, this is hardly new territory for Gondry, or other top-tier directors – just ask Syriana writer/director Stephen Gaghan (for Heinecken, in a Casino Royale spoof), or Wong Kar-Wai (BMW).

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