Shorts: All media edition

little miss sunshineLittle Miss Sunshine and Half Nelson leading the pack for Independent Spirit Awards nominations.

Hate mail baiting: Slackers? Shopgirl? It’s not that Jason Schwartzman is totally devoid of talent, but can we move away from the half-baked, atrophied, Max Fischer-ed roles? Antoinette – a baby step towards adulthood, at the very least. Here we find a video interview of the man in question, matching bathrobes wits with an Incubus counterpart not worthy of mention. Fittingly, via MySpace.

Reverend Jesse Jackson calls for a boycott of the just released seventh season DVD of Seinfeld, in the wake of kkkramer (remix audio, even more “not safe for work” than the original)-gate.

“I want this shot of 50,000 real gang members all on Long Beach – ­ The Crips, The Bloods, the Vietnamese, the Cambodians, the 18th Street gang, ­ all there. It’s going to be cool.” – Director Tony Scott, on plans for a remake of The Warriors.

Meanwhile, Warner Bros. mulls V for Vendetta – Two.

Steven Soderberg – nitpicked and second guessed at a cold NYC reception for The Good German.

Lucy Liu talks 3 Needles – the global AIDS crisis triptych, also featuring Stockard Channing, Cloe Sevigny, and Sandra Oh. Trailer.

Making sense of Darren Aronofsky’s The Fountain – a fruitless endeavor?

Blogging HBO’s The Wire, arguably the best thing going on television.

Via Defamer, a new dating show will test your GayDAR coordinates.

Lists: Secretary, Me And You And Everyone We Know, and Punch-Drunk Love listed among A.V Club’s 9 Recent Attempts to Save the Romantic Comedy
— Premiere’s 20 Most Overrated Movies
— TV-Land’s 100 greatest TV catchphrases

Video: I Love the 80’s: Japan

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  1. Staunton News Says:

    Shorts: All media edition…

    Yeah right, like that will happen. I’ve watch just about every episode. I watch Seinfeld every day afer work, I LIKE Seinfeld. Why does Seinfeld have to go down just because of what one of the actors said. In that case, we should Boycott Jim Webb…

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