Sundance lineup announced

The Sundance Film Festival has unwrapped the dramatic and documentary competition entries, listed here, via Variety. A few early buzz generating titles:

Broken EnglishDirected by Zoe Cassavetes (yes, offspring of that Cassavetes), starring Parker Posey as a single thirty-something frustrated by the successful relationships of her friends – a string of bad dates finally leads to Julian, the “offbeat Frenchman”. Also features Gena Rowlands, Drea de Matteo, and Peter Bogdanovich.

Teeth – As described by The New York Times: Directed by Mitchell Lichtenstein — the son of the artist Roy Lichtenstein and an actor who starred in Ang Lee’s “Wedding Banquet” — a high school student who is the object of male violence discovers that she has a quite literal case of vagina dentata. Several men learn this the hard way, in what might be called a feminist horror film.

The Untitled Dakota Fanning Project, aka Hounddog: Fanning stars in a Southern gothic tale about a precocious girl that emulates Elvis Presley’s song and dance routine. Precocious? Dakota Fanning? I’m just as shocked as you are.

Zoo – Documentary described as “a humanizing look at the life and bizarre death of a seemingly normal Seattle family man who met his untimely end after an unusual encounter with a horse.” For clarity’s sake, scratch out the “unusual encounter” bit with “sex – with a horse, the hard way” (news item, Seattle Times).

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