Viewing Tips: Wholphin, 'The Secret Life of Words', 'Sleeper Cell', 'This American Life', 'The Lost Room'

– Dennis Hopper and director Alexander Payne (Election, Sideways) are among the lastest to offer short films for McSweeney’s quarterly DVD magazine – Wholphin. Check out the lineup, with clips and director bios for Issue 3, which you can preorder now. Should be a short wait, as the release is scheduled for “early December”.

– Trailer: Tim Robbins and Sara Polley in The Secret Life of Words

– With Weeds, Dexter, and the largely unseen/underrated Brotherhood now in their stable, Showtime is primed to make strides as many of HBO’s top hits are winding down. They’re offering a sneak preview for their latest, the second season of Sleeper Cell, what TV Guide calls “unnervingly topical suspense…reminiscent of 24 but about a dozen times more realistic”. View the entire first episode here. The password is “sneakpeek”. The series debuts this Sunday (12/10) with new episodes running every evening until the conclusion on December 17th. All 8 episodes will be available On Demand by the 10th.

– Audio tip: NPR’s Ira Glass is developing a small screen adaptation for his popular radio show This American Life (listen to the show’s archives), to debut on Showtime in March. “We basically said ‘no’ for a year and half,” Glass recalls. “And we kept saying we have no idea how to… be filmmakers. You have to hook us up with people who could design something that got across the feeling of the radio show.” – read or listen, via All Things Considered.

– Last warning for the debut of Six Feet Under’s Peter Krause in the Sci-Fi Network’s miniseries The Lost Room (earlier chatter here and here). View clips and promos from the official site, and another 2 minute clip featuring Krause and Juliana Margulies, provided by IGN. The Lost Room premieres Monday, December 11th.

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