Casual Browsing: post-blackout edition

Back to business now, after joining the one million other Seattle residents to fall prey to The Great Blackout of 06′. A forgo-the-exposition style, mid-week in review. Embrace the brevity.

Stills of Black Snake Moan’s Christina Ricci.

First images from Tarantino/Rodriguez joint Grindhouse (Movieweb).

Three-fourths brilliant Babel leads Golden Globes noms with seven.

Bob Dylan takes legal action to halt screenings of Factory Girl.

Funny how learning that two Reno 911 alums wrote Ben Stiller’s Jumanji-ish Night at the Museum turns the flick from a firm “no” to a “maybe-so”.

GreenCine wraps reviews for Soderberg’s The Good German.

I Heart Huckabees co-writer Eric Bana to take on battle-of-the-sexes comedy The Awakening of Jean-Luc Barbara (Cinematical).

Chasing Amy’s Joey Lauren Adams directs her first.

Critics list the best, worst and most overlooked films in the past 20 Oscar seasons (Variety).

Comedy Central takes on sports-talk radio.

Showtime, on the upswing – Golden Globe nominations for Weeds and Dexter couldn’t hurt.

Video: Mad TV’s Studio 60 send-up. Complete with trademarked walk-and-talks, moments of utmost self-importance (Fimoculous).

Trailer for I’m From Rolling Stone, new MTV reality show following seven would-be rock journalists.

Live Free or Die Hard Trailer.

8 Clips from Smokin’ Aces, featuring Jeremy Piven, Ray Liotta, Ben Affleck (IESB).

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