A note from P.T. Anderson

paul thomas andersonReprinted from Cigarettes and Red Vines – a definitive
resource on P.T.A. and his upcoming film –There Will Be Blood
(based on the Upton Sinclair novel Oil!), starring Daniel Day Lewis
as an oil developer during the 1920’s boon in Southern California.
Discussed earlier.


2006, no movie.

Only means one thing; we will have a movie for you all in 2007.

Wanted to wish a happy chirstmas, merry new year to everyone.
We are working on the film, slowly but surely getting there. We’re
very happy, very burned out, a little sick of it, more than excited,
anxious to get back home for a break and sending you thanks
for being interested in what we’re doing.

It’s been a wonderful year, making the film and lots
of other things too. I have much more to say but should
leave it at that.

oh – for anyone not paying attention who needs to
see the greatest stuff there is: there’s a preston sturges collection
out./ now. just released. box set. all his movies. must go and get. great gift.

also: is little miss sunshine’ the best movie of the year? i think
so. it’s out on DVD today, too.

best, paul.

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