Casual Browsing: The Beginning of the End Edition

Clearing the bins as the year wanes:

— “Children of Men” may be something of a bummer, but it’s the kind of glorious bummer that lifts you to the rafters, transporting you with the greatness of its filmmaking…a gratifying sign that big studios are still occasionally in the business of making ambitious, intelligent work that speaks to adults. (Manohla Dargis review – New York Times)

— L.A. Times on pre-production for The 40 Year-Old Virgin director Judd Apatow’s musical mockumentary Walk Hard, starring John C. Reilly. (Registration required.)

— “As Samuel Goldwyn once said, ‘If necessary, we’ll cast Mexicans.’ That’s show biz.” – David Milch on getting the old gang back together for the Deadwood wrap-up, in which each of the final two, 2-hour episodes will represent several years of goings-on in the mining town, as opposed to a single day. (By means of what, time-lapse photography?) Also, more on “surf-noir” project – John From Cincinnati. (Mercury News)

— Ed Begley Jr., Justine Bateman, and Leave it to Beaver star Jerry Mathers join Illeana Douglas in IlleanaramaEpisode 3.

Basic Instinct 2, Lady in the Water among Variety’s 10 biggest flops of 2006.

— Music, politics dominate 2006 documentaries. (indieWire)

— The National Science Teachers Association has accepted contributions from ExxonMobil, Shell and the National Petroleum Institute, but says no to 50,000 free copies of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth. (Variety)

— “I began to become very conflicted about the music I love…You still love hip-hop and you love to see the artists doing well, but then you ask, ‘What are they saying? What is the image of manhood?’” – Filmmaker Bryon Hurt, in NYT’s preview of PBS doc Hip Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes. (via GreenCine)

— HDTV: enemy of industry types striving to stay more than human.

Speculation: Kevin Smith to Live Free and Die Hard? (Slashfilm) | Keanu Reeves to rejoin the Wachowski brothers for Speed Racer? (AICN)

Godfather of Soul video tributes:
— Should I get in the hot tub? Will it make me sweat? Should I get in the hot tub? Will it make me wet? Eddie Murphy – the golden days. Video via Risky Biz.

— Also, Mr. Brown provided the soundtrack to many a dance party, 1973’s Black Caesar – no exception. Via ScreenGrab.

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