Half-Year in Review

Slow news. End of year. Lazy blogging. A self-congratulating selection of items within our decidedly narrow purview, since jumping into the entertainment fray – circa summer 06′.

— “I think it all became about like a little kid would. ‘I want to play with this; I want to watch this movie. Now I want to eat sugar.’ That was kind of my way of navigating and making her a sympathetic person.” – Kirsten Dunst, in the highly quotable war or words: Sofia Coppola and team Marie Antoinette vs. The Critics.

— Before The Science of Sleep, before the Rubik’s Cube fakery, Michel Gondry was filming himself, mumbling incoherently – Re: whatever he dreamt the night before.

— New projects from Woody, Thumbsucker director Mike Mills, Entourage creator Doug Ellin, and Nip/Tuck’s Ryan Murphy.

Recommending that you pop one of 2005’s best – Michael Haneke’s Cache, or Stephen Gaghan’s Syriana into your digital video disc player.

— Friend, fellow Seattleite, contributor – Regan pondered Project Runway’s Malan Breton, followed by Oliver Stone, naturally. Regan then went missing in action. Something about having to wash her hair.

— An American remake of kids killing kids flick Battle Royale? Let’s be real here.

— Took some snapshots of Andre 3000 in a turtle costume, alongside Michelle Rodriguez as Battle in Seattle rioters, with the photojournalism skill usually reserved for shots of Sasquatch or the Loch Ness Monster.

— Wrote a few Weeds recaps for moms with the munchies.

Chan Marshall, aka Cat Power, dreamt of My Blueberry Nights, Saturday Night Live.

— The 10 Picks for the fall TV season. In retrospect, yes, Dexter was damn good. But 30 Rock is the best new show, and Tracy Morgan is a walking, talking, non-sequitur.

Six Feet Under was about dead people . . . American Beauty, the guy died at the end,’” he admits. “But I find it incredibly different. It’s more popcorn TV than Six Feet Under. It’s very raucous, more entertaining, much, much funnier. I’m done peering into the abyss for a while.” – Alan Ball, on his his post-Six-Foot project – vampire drama True Blood, back in July, when the future of HBO’s lineup was in question. Since then, Deadwood begat John From Cincinnati, Lucky Louie became a rookie season casualty, and The Wire and Curb Your Enthusiasm re-upped. Plus, Ricky Gervais and Extrasseason 2, coming soon (January 14th to be exact). And what became of Johnny Drama and cellivision?

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