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“You don’t want to have a guy fall in front of a tank because you’d make a tortilla” – cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki on Children of Men. Variety profiles the men and women behind the cameras from many of the year’s best – Little Children, The Departed, Volver, The Last King of Scotland, United 93 (9 more, listed here at bottom), talking directors notes, logistics, and aesthetic choices.

— Hollywood Reporter Roundtable One – Filmmakers Emilio Estevez, David Lynch, Guillermo del Toro, Little Miss Sunshine’s Dayton and Faris, and Nancy Meyers (The Holiday). Roundtable Two – Ben Affleck, Nicole Kidman, Edward Norton and Forest Whitaker. (via GreenCine)

— Goldenfiddle provides scans from Parker Posey interview/photo-shoot with Bust Magazine, summarily pans For Your Consideration, omits a much lower-point for Miss Posey in 2006 – making love to an ex-Taxi star (location: lagoon pool), in the name of The OH in Ohio.

— George Clooney to join Robert De Niro for remake of French crime drama 36.

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  1. Luky Says:

    It’s always a relief when someone with obvious expestire answers. Thanks!

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