Sundance '07 Primer

Everything you’ve wanted to know about Redford’s bohemoth of a festival, starting January 18th – beginning with the Official lineup/guide:

  • “You say Disney and it conjures up a whole raft of associations. Sundance does the same thing on the smaller scale…. It’s the hipster’s Disney.” – Wired (via Zigzigger)
  • Half of all Sundance shorts will be downloadable from iTunes at $1.99, with most of the proceeds going to the filmmaker. They’ll also be streamed for free from the official site.
  • Catherine Keener in American Crime, Hal Hartley’s Fay Grim…pictures to watch – ACCORDING TO AICN!!!
  • Animated political documentary Chicago 10, Akira creator goes live-action for Bugmaster…Wired Blog picks fourteen (from GreenCine)
  • New York Magazine’s preview – “Sundance’s most politically ambitious slate of films to date”…poster-man-child Steve BucemiBlack Snake Moan, “Dakota Fanning as rape victim movie” Hounddog, “horse-fucking movie” Zoosex-shock cinema…shooting the shit with Zoe Cassavetes on her directorial debut, Parker Posey starring effort – Broken English…namedropping and casual mentionsmore (via ScreenGrab)
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  1. RobertoSucco Says:

    Do you think this will make my iTunes stocks rise? :)

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