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Details on HBO’s 2007 lineup coming out of their presentations to the Television Critics Association last week:

  • The final season of The Sopranos and the second-half of season three for Entourage premiere on April 8th.  The airing of the ninth and final episode for The Sopranos will coincide with the premiere of David Milch’s post-Deadwood project – John From Cincinnati, meaning that, assuming there are no breaks during The Sopranos run, the earliest possible start date for John (and end date for Tony Soprano) would be June 3rd.
  • James Gandolfini is also producing and conducting interviews with wounded soldiers on their return home, for the tentatively titled documentary –Alive Day Memories: Home from Iraq, scheduled to air on July 4th.
  • Paul Giamatti and Laura Linney in seven-hour historical miniseries – John Adams
  • TV Squad talks HBO’s orginal movies – Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee, based on the Dee Brown book, starring Anna Paquin, Aidan Quinn, and Adam Beach – along with Longford, featuring Samantha Morton, based on the true-life case of Myra Hindley – who assisted child murderer Ian Brady in killing 5 children in 1960’s England.
  • Rome and Extras rolled out their second seasons on Sunday – The House Next Door collects national reviews on the premieres.
  • David Milch on the future of the Deadwood movies: “We have every intention of going forward”.  David Milch on drug use: “I was involved in a subsidiary project involving nitrous oxide, and the great thing about it is that when it hits … everyone is right where they’re supposed to be … and we’re all just riding along.”  Proof that the mystical, magical surf-noir drama John from Cinncinati, is a David Milch production: the first scene previewed to the press features retired surfing pro Mitch Yost (Bruce Greenwood) uttering the words “Go Fuck Yourself” to a starstruck fan. (Tv Squad).

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