Sundance: Day 1

I’ll be compiling the best reviews, features, interviews, and video coming out of the Sundance Festival, from today until the 28th. One post per day, updated a few times thoughout the day and night:

  • “The problem with Black Snake Moan isn’t the incendiary nature of the material…The problem is simply one of time structure: The amount of time Lazarus ministers to Rae is just too short for her victory over her self…a film where the lead actress is literally wrapped in forty pounds of metaphor, and where lifetimes of abuse, addiction and regret can be cleared up over the course of less than a week with some moonshine and home cooking and 12-bar riffs” – James Rocci review
  • “She so much wanted this film to get in here, to be seen, and that’s why all of us knew that there was no way that she committed suicide. This movie is a huge turning point in her career.” The New York Times gets reaction from Adrienne Shelly’s circle, as Waitress, a film that she wrote, directed, and starred in, premieres two and a half months after her tragic death. Forever to be mentioned in the same breath as Hal Hartley, who remembers the actress, while talking his new film – Fay Grim, via The Reeler.
  • GreenCine points to Filmmaker mag’s festival features, including Risk Factors: 20 emerging directors provide blubs about the roadblocks presented between script to screen.
  • Variety kicks off their coverage with a full-blown features page: Distributors try to sort though a festival lineup that’s “more arthouse and less ‘Little Miss Sunshine,'” – the commercial diamond in the rough that will be referenced countless times in the next two weeks.
  • Twitch features an interview with Mark Duplass, director of The Puffy Chair, a standout of last year’s festival – unfortunately overshadowed by the dollar signs attached to another comic road trip, LMS. Duplass notes that along with the DVD release on January 23rd, he and brother Jay have a new film in post-production, two more slated for studio release, and the possibility of a series in the works for NBC.
  • Free, streaming video shorts premiering at Sundance – updated daily
  • Mos Def and Sarah Polley, directors Darren Aronofsky and Jared Hess among the list of competition judges.
  • Via Cinematical, something akin to a text-messaging chat room – The Park City Fest Mob – Sundance bloggers on the ground documenting gossip and goings-on.
  • “Digital Media Evangelists” and video-short darlings Susan Buice and Arin Crumley (Four Eyed Monsters) will be video blogging daily from the Sundance Channel’s platform on YouTube. Also, first-time director Zoe Cassavetes on Parkey Posey and Broken English:

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