Non-continuing Oscar coverage

Your 2007 Academy Award nominations, if you’ve missed them thus far. Not a lot of surprises, although I’m pleased to see Kate Winslet and Jackie Earle Haley receive attention for their turns in Little Children.

Little Miss Sunshine being among the Best Picture hopefuls should not be a surprise for anyone paying attention to the massive media-blitz put on by Fox Searchlight. The Little Film That Could is a misnomer considering the untold millions sunk into marketing the decrepit Yellow Bus, making Universal’s push for Children of Men (my pick of last year) look like they gave it the Idiocracy treatment by comparison. Not to say that LMS is a bad film by any means – but bowl-cut, Nietzsche reading mutes and suicidal, gay Proust scholars amount to the stuff of sitcoms at worst, Wes Anderson pretenders at best. However, with Oscar goggles secured firmly, anything is possible. I mean, consider the big hollow thud of Crash for godsakes.

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