Video: Gervais Meets...Larry David, Christopher Guest

In 2006, Ricky Gervais hosted sit downs with three of his favorite comedians – Larry David (Curb Your Enthusiasm, Seinfeld), Christopher Guest, and Gary Shandling for the UK’s Channel 4. Talking about the creative process, their influences, and the nuts and bolts of comedy – it’s a love-fest full of clips from their respective works, anchored by Ricky’s effusive hero-worship (he calls Guest’s Spinal Tap “the biggest single influence on my work”). Makes for great lunch break viewing, though these things tend to have a short shelf-life on YouTube, so watch while you can.

With Larry David: Part 1 – below (proceedings officially begin around the 3 minute mark) – 2345

With Christopher Guest: Part 12345

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  2. Ju-osh Says:

    Thanks for alerting us to these. This made my ‘workday’ pass all the more quickly and enjoyably.

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