Casual Browsing: Me and You and Every Film We Know

miranda julyLos Angeles: Miranda July (Me and You and Everyone We Know) needs your help (MySpace) in rehearsing an upcoming multi-media performance to include elements of audience participation, although it appears that the real deal – her third presentation of Things We Don’t Understand and Definitely Are Not Going To Talk About, will take place in New York for a (possibly sold out) performance in March.

— “Recruit an unpaid MySpace army to create buzz…Turn the trailer into a music video” – two examples of how to sell an awful film in 12 easy steps. (Mediabistro)

Jenna Fischer (The Office) to play John C. Reilly’s June Carter-like love interest in fake-musical biopic Walk Hard.

— Go-go dancers. Amputees with leg-stump mounted machine guns. Zombies borne from chemical weapons. “We’ve thrown around so many ideas, it’s just a huge concept to wrap our brains around.” Robert Rodriguez & Quentin Tarantino – Grindhouse. Quentin leaves the door open for more double features from the duo. New York Times.

— After over a week of careful, deliberate debate, the blogger collective at Cinemarati top have drafted their top 20 film picks for 2006, culminating with Oscar ostracized Children of Men. Amen.

— “I’ve started watching Mr. H at work a lot, too. It’s my favorite Home Plus pass time these days…If Bill’s alone at lunch tomorrow, I’m sitting with him…at least at the same table…but maybe on the other end…unless he asks me to scoot down and talk to him” – Margene’s Diary, a blog prequel of sorts, to HBO’s Big Love. Look for season 2 this summer.

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