Sofia Coppola to direct her first opera


With Marie Antoinette in the rear view mirror, and having given birth to her first child, Sofia Coppola will transition from screen to stage direction for the first time. In the 2009-2010 season at France’s Montpellier Opera house, she’ll direct Giacomo Puccini’s “Manon Lescaut“, a romantic tragedy. Full Story here.

Coppola has at least one thing in common with tenor star Robert Alagna, who she’ll direct in the opera – the singer, who has been described as “the greatest tenor alive”, walked off the stage during a performance in Milan two months ago, after he had heard a smattering of boos from an unimpressed audience. Sofia – no stranger to such hostility.

After considering that she now has a newborn in tow, the question is whether Sofia is done with filmmaking for the next few years, or if there will be another project sandwiched in between Antoinette and Monon Lescaut. This past November, she was rumored to be adapting the Sarah Waters novel Tipping the Velvet, with Beyonce and Eva Longoria to star. Both Beyonce and Longoria quickly called an end to the speculation, calling the reports false, though Coppola’s camp never bothered to comment.

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