Quotable: Fey, Coppola, Baldwin, Novak

tinafey.jpg—  “I hear Aaron Sorkin is in Los Angeles wearing the same dress – but longer, and not funny.” – Tina Fey, Writers Guild Awards – Defamer

— “When I grow up, I want to be middle-sized, not fat and not skinny…my daddy just tickled me with his little nose!” – a 5-year-old Sofia Coppola, equal parts precocious and creepy, as recorded by father Francis in 1977 – From the NPR audio archives. Francis Ford Coppola has two new films in the works (Cinematical) – semi-autobiographical Tetro, with Matt Dillon, as well as drama Youth Without Youth.

— “You wanna smoke? You don’t smoke, do you right? What are ya, one o’ those fitness freaks, huh? Go Fuck Yourself.” – Alec Baldwin, Departed (DVD now) pop art – Hollywood Elsewhere

— “You shut up! Goddamit! Don’t tell me to shut up, asshole.” – CNN’s Bob Novak. Vintage video freak-out – Movie City Indie.

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