Get Your 'Departed' Screenplay


What’s this IRA motherfucker doing in my bar?

(The IRA MOTHERFUCKER is terrified)

(slapping him on the back)
Only kidding. How’s your mother?

Ah, she’s on her way out.

We all are.
(straightens suit and tie)
Act accordingly.

Costello exits.

Free, available from Warner Bros: William Monahan’s Oscar winning script. Via Movie City Indie.

Posted by Ted Zee on February 28th 2007 | Home Page | 2 Comments Subscribe to this site's feed

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  1. Vahid Says:

    thanks! it was great.

  2. DiCaprio and ‘Departed’ Writer in Talks for ‘Chaser’ Remake » Big Screen Little Screen Says:

    […] – the man responsible for adapting the material from Hong Kong classic Infernal Affairs into an Oscar winning screenplay for The Departed – is being courted by Warner Brothers to take on another remake, this time for the […]

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