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spike-jonze.jpg— Yeah, yeah – a Barrymore and Spike Jonze sighting…yawn. Give me a Jonze and Where the Wild Things Are sighting please. Via AICN, who also provide early impressions on Alan Ball’s (writer of American Beauty, Six Feet Under) upcoming feature-film directorial debut – Nothing is Private.

Attn: Seattle, The Stranger is hosting an event (last item) for indie darling Miranda July on May 17th (Neumo’s) for “a reading, a live interview, special guests, and a dance party.” Totally related to her new book No One Belongs Here More Than You, though probably having little to do with Things We Don’t Understand and even less to do with the fact that David Byrne loves her.

Film Experience ranks Woody Allen’s muses in order of appearances, in celebration of the just-confirmed number 3 for Scarlett Johansson. Speaking of – is Broadway next?

— More rankings: A quick five for Christopher Walken, with commentary. [The House Next Door]

— Magnolia continues to play with near-simultaneous releases between theater/cable/DVD offerings, this time with John Malkovich’s Color Me Kubrik (trailer). [DVD Dossier]

Semi-spoilers for season 2 of Dexter.

— NBC finally time-shifts the stink from between The Office and 30 Rock and unites the good stuff, back to back.

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  1. jen Says:

    hurrah! no more waiting for 30 rock! though, it is nice to have a half hour to let the hilarity of the office sink in before 30 rock starts. this is a one-two suckerpunch.

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