Items: Sandler, Letterman, 'Huckabees' Tirades, Other Guys

adamanddon.jpg— David Letterman’s stomach flu was Adam Sandler’s gain Tuesday night, as Sandler went from guest to guest host after Dave’s last minute scratch from the show . Muddling through the monologue, diarrhea jokes with Danica Patrick, singing an “Endless Love” duet with Reign Over Me co-star Don Cheadle – all should provide a nice little opening weekend bump for Mr. Barry Egan. Youtubed: Opening guest.

— And if you’ve missed the tales of I Heart Huckabees director David O. Russell’s epic showdowns with Lily Tomlin, these videos (via Gawker) are both absolute must sees. Russell’s frothing, desk clearing tirade, and Tomlin’s F bombs directed at (an off-screen) Russell, Dustin Hoffman, and any motherfucker in the vicinity – time to Netflix queue up Huckabees with the newfound insight on why it was such a complete mess.

Francis Ford Coppola in cahoots with Tom Cruise’s newly acquired United Artists for Youth Without Youth. “Intellectually challenging and emotionally remote” says one insider. An “arty ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark'” says another.

— “Visual iconoclastic genius” or “cinematic loon“? (via Deadline Hollywood.) Background dirt on why Across the Universe (trailer) director Julie Taymor wants to remove her name from the unauthorized edit of her film – a 60’s era love-story/musical set to Beatles hits.

Zach Braff – bad show, big head. [Starpulse]

Some Guy mistaken for Napoleon Dynamite by Ron Jeremy, friends, photogs. [via Defamer]

Zooey Deschanel as Janis Joplin biopic on hold, indefinitely. [Filmstalker]

Ricky Gervais says Extras is done, save for one last special (ala The Office Christmas).

Catherine Keener and Robin Wright-Penn to join Robert De Niro for Barry Levinson’s What Just Happened? [CHUD]

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  1. i fear david o. russell Says:

    yikes, that video is painful! thank god jason schwartzmann finally got up and left.

    if you head to your neighborhood video store, they’ll probably have a copy of i heart huckabees available. no waiting!

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