Video Selections: Can't Stop 'Huckabees' Edition

huckabees-reenactmentMostly not safe for work entries:

Clooney denies any involvement, and exposed director David O. Russell has found a new project (Sammy’s Hill) despite of it all, but people are still talking about the I Heart Huckabees (original) blowouts. Enter Michael Showalter and Paul Rudd, for a dramatized reenactment. [GreenCine]

— If you look around, you could probably watch about half of Grindhouse online before it premieres this Friday. A sample, not for the squeamish: Eli Roth’s (Hostel) Faux Trailer. [Twitch]

— Not related: a Shaun of the Dead reminiscent trailer for killer farm-pals Black Sheep. [Thompson on Hollywood]

Uma Thurman has been kicking around the idea of retirement lately. Was Mission Zero, a 9-minute advertisement for Perelli Tires, the cash-money exception to the rule, or the last straw? Mo’ Money? John Malkovich and Naomi Campbell answer The Call. [ScreenGrab]

— “Suicide is depressing, to like 82% of everybody” – David Duchovny as a television writer forced to make certain concessions on The TV Set. Sorkin-free Trailer.

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