Video Selections: Baumbach, Gondry, & Friends in "Degrees of Aaron Sorkin"

asorkinDon’t ask why. Enjoy some videos.

— The Squid and the Whale‘s Noah Baumbach (Kicking and Screaming/Carlos Jacott/Studio 60/Aaron Sorkin) directs the short film Conrad and Butler Take a Vacation (2000, via Metafilter) – a lumbering exercise co-written by Jacott, who stars in the short and coincidentally, played a writer on Studio 60 that was derided for creating some bad material. Strictly for the Baumbach curious.

Michel Gondry (Human Nature/Patricia Arquette/one episode of Thirtysomething/Timothy Busfield/West Wing & Studio 60/Aaron Sorkin), a guy who unlike his shadow-lurking, half-as-prolific contemporaries (the Andersons, the Jonzes, the Young Coppolas), never met a television appearance or YouTube spot he didn’t like. Here he continues his non-stop, global Science of Sleep plugging tour with a new ad/experiment (via Vidiocy), followed by a video interview conducted on a hotel bed, covering both his music video background and the aforementioned feature film.

Bjork (Joga/Gondry/Arquette/Busfield/Sorkin) in a free, making-of-Volta video podcast, via Nicholas Scholl at Slog, who also notes that she’ll be musical-guesting Saturday Night Live on April 21st, along with host Scarlett Johansson.

— Six Feet Under‘s Peter Krause (Sports Night/Sorkin) and Richard Shiff (West Wing/Sorkin) in Civic Duty (trailer). Krause plays a snooping, amateur Jack Bauer.

Lauren Ambrose (Six Feet Under/Peter Krause/Sorkin), with Paul Rudd, Maura Tierney, Sarah Paulson (Studio 60/Sorkin) in the retro Long Island dramedy Diggers (trailer).

Regina Spektor (Little Boxes – Weeds season 2 soundtrack/Mary-Louise Parker/West Wing/Aaron Sorkin) interview and live performance, on VBS.TV. Also – Little Boxes, via Recidivism.

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  1. mike Says:

    ScarJo should be musical guest too, what with her album of Tom Waits covers in the works,2933,221001,00.html

    (I’m thrilled to watch Bjork perform, of course).

  2. Anonymous Says:

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  3. Andreina Cecilio Says:

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