Casual Browsing: What's in a Name?

— Showtime update: network gives early second season greenlights to The Tudors and This American Life. Also Tracey Ullman returns to the pay-channel with State of the Union, doing what Tracey Ullman does – and look for David Duchovny this summer in the comedy series Californication. It’s not too late to change the title of that bad boy.

Alec Baldwin is everywhere you want him to be, including this mob drama, with co-stars Freddie Prinze Jr, Scott Caan, Mira Sorvino and Jerry Ferrara (Entourage‘s Turtle) in Brooklyn Rules – trailer.

— Neo-Marie Antoinette, future BlondieDunst advocates the weed.

— David Poland of Movie City Cews compiles a Top Ten list of Hollywood’s top-drawing actors, preceded by numbers 52-24 and a 20-ish through 10.trainspot

— Danny Boyle and Ewan McGregor get serious about a follow-up to Trainspotting (Film Junk).

— Filmmaker Magazine interviews Freaks and Geeks/Undeclared director Jake Kasdan between takes during shooting for The TV Set, the Duchovny starring feature based on Kasdan’s experiences in network television.

— Also bearing the DNA of Freaks and Geeks, the trailer for Superbad, the Judd Apatow produced coming of age comedy featuring Jonah Hill and Arrested Development‘s Michael Cera.

— Having just joined the cast, Christina Ricci can’t contain her enthusiasm in this video for The Wachowski Brothers Speed Racer (via Cinema Blend).

Will Farrell withholding rent from Pearl the landlady (via Goldenfiddle). Rumor had it that the young Pearl in question was a collaboration the offspring of P.T. Anderson and Maya Rudolph, but sources at Cigarettes and Red Vines say no.

Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant and friends turn charity into commerce (via Popwatch).

In the spirit of Martin Scorsese’s Sesame Streets, and takes on NWA’s Fuck the Police – more Jim Henson revisionism in this Fisher Price adaptation of Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing.

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