Chan Marshall's Feature Film Debut: 'My Blueberry Nights'

cat power in my blueberry nightsThis will warrant a shrug of the shoulders from some, but what we speculated on last September had not been confirmed until now: Chan Marshall, aka Cat Power, will be making her first feature film appearance in Wong Kar Wai’s first American picture, My Blueberry Nights. The singer-songwriter whose current album The Greatest was played time after time at shooting locations to set the mood, was asked by the director to join the production to play Jude Law’s ex, and she obliged. Excerpt from Papermag (via Pop Candy):

Most people who know the name Chan Marshall know that she is the one-woman powerhouse behind Cat Power. But today, Chan (pronounced “Shawn”) Marshall is an actress who was up until 5 a.m., shooting a scene for her first role in a major movie, My Blueberry Nights, directed by auteur-prince Wong Kar-wai. She’s also a giddy girl who got to kiss Jude Law, unscripted. (In the film, Marshall plays Law’s Russian-born ex-girlfriend). “How was it?” I ask, about the kiss. She responds with a dreamy roll of the eyes, and we both laugh, because, as any girl will tell you, to say how it was in actual words is to diminish how it really was. And for Marshall, it’s a well-deserved moment to savor unsaid.

My Blueberry Nights is set to debut on opening night at The Cannes Film Festival – May 16th.

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